12 Days of Love Game

“Saint Mother Teresa and my master both taught me that one of the greatest healers is love. I love you.” ~Dr. Naram (Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer)

You can now enjoy this holiday season with even more contagious love and contagious healing, as you play this powerful game.

By playing this game, you will feel an increase of love in your life, change the lives of others, and, at the same time, help save an orphanage in Nepal. (To learn more about the orphanage at risk, click here:

Regardless of your cultural or religious tradition, this game is a time when we celebrate the universal gift of love and healing.


You can start getting ready now, prizes will be given out Dec 14-26th.

(See 3 simple rules of the game & the awesome life-changing prizes, below.)
How to play? Here are the 3 Simple Rules!

1. Make a list of at least 12 people you love, anyone who has inspired you, or anyone who you’d like to support in living a longer, healthier, & happier life.

2. Write a note of love and appreciation to them. (What do you love about them? How have they changed your life or inspired you?)

With your message, include something that could bless their life, such as:
this TEDx talk,
this inspiring video of healing,
and, if you’re able, gift them a Kindle e-book or physical copy of “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer.”
(Proceeds from the book sales during this period go to help save an orphanage in Nepal that is at risk of being shut down. And all proceeds will be matched by a kind donor, to double the impact of your love.)
Now, send your message of love to them! (either by email, text, or physically in the mail)
3. Starting December 14th, for 12 days up to December 25th, post a picture (to your Facebook and/or Instagram page), of one of the people you chose to send a message of love to, along with what you appreciate about that person.

*You get extra bonus points if they are holding the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer”.
**Include in your post these hashtags #12daysoflove #AncientSecretsOfAMasterHealer
***And then send an email to me: — with a link to your post, your name, the name of who you posted about, and both your email address – so we can easily find your post and enter you both into the drawings for the fun life-changing prizes!

What are the Prizes? How do YOU win?


Every person who participates is automatically a winner, because of the love and joy they will feel contagiously spreading throughout themself and in a web of love around the world.

Additionally, each person who participates will gain access (for themselves and the person/people you gifted the book to) for an exclusive 90 min zoom training call (“12 Ancient Secrets Which Can Change Your Life Forever”). This call will happen the second week of January.

To register, simply follow step #3 above, and send an email to with a link to your post and the email address for you and the person you posted about.


Once every day, from Dec 14 to the 25th, a winner for the day will be chosen.

BOTH the person who posted (and gave the book or video) as well as the person who the post is about, will receive a gift worth over $300!

Every picture posted with these hashtags (#12daysoflove & #ancientsecretsofamasterhealer), and who emailed is entered into the drawing. You can submit as many pictures as you want each of those 12 days.

This daily gift includes:

– a free consultation (either a pulse consultation or a video consultation) which you can use for yourself or gift to someone you love,

– a special training by Dr Naram recorded before he passed away on “ancient secrets on how to discover what you want”, and “ancient secrets on how to manifest what you want into reality”,

– first access to the new MyAncientSecrets App game called “30-days to accessing unlimited energy”,

– 12 tracks of heart-touching music selections from Gary Malkin and Wisdom of World Wellness.


Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing for a surprise grand-prize drawing, where one person will receive a gift worth more than $3,000 (actually it is priceless, including a sacred item Dr. Naram gave me, which will be given to you).

This grand prize includes:

– Free registration for the upcoming 100-Days Training Course in Ancient Healing Secrets (which you can use for yourself or gift to someone you love)

– A precious ancient relic that Dr. Naram gave Dr. Clint G. Rogers, which is a token of all the magical possibilities that exist within you.

The grand-prize winner will be drawn on a live zoom call, broadcast live from the FaceBook page for Dr. Clint G Rogers, the day after Christmas, Dec 26th.



Together we can share LOVE and change so many people’s lives for the better during this holiday season.

You are a force for good, and you are a source of contagious love and healing.

I love you, and I’m with you.