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    Hi Beccy-Smith .I read with interest your post . I was particularly interested in hearing you and other family members had a consult with a ayushakti dr .
    From what I understand the Mung bean soup at first is to start the body on a detox program . Do you see or understand this to be the case or have I got it wrong ? I did not notice much change at first when I started on soup but I started having it and only it every evening and slowly I noticed changes taking place . Now after nearly two and a half months I definitely have more energy and are feeling a lot better. I guess the initial detoxing is a shock to the body . As I have been eating the wrong foods for many many years I expect the detox process to take its time , which reminded me of Dr Neeram saying to Clint when he was asking about his fathers progress saying . “This is not a quick fix Clint.” but I hope it is quicker than the time it took me to get it to the state I am in now. Brianyo.

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