Reply To: Taking suggestions for additional features on the Free Community Site


    Hello, Dr. Clint. Thank you for such a great book. It touched my soul.

    – your audible book needs a pdf with all the recipes for home remedies, names of Ayurveda medicines, and details of marma point. We need this in written format—-even if we listen to the book. I have seen Audible add this later on. PLEASE add that!
    – your free bonus is wonderful! Its website design could be improved for an easier experience.
    – pdfs and printables are VERY helpful! Loved that you included them for the mung soup, ghee, Dr. Naram’s morning drink.
    – a page with links to further training would be great (I have not found it yet if there is one)
    – marma points details and short video demonstrations would be EXCELLENT.
    – the same pdf that you create for audible can be part of the site. This would be helpful fir most people. And invaluable!
    – adding legends to all pictures would make them more personable. I loved that you have done it for some.

    Thank you again for writing this book. I can’t wait for the next one! And thank you for the work you do.

    Hoping your dad, your family, and your heart are all well.

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