Reply To: help for cancer patient?


    I’m not sure how I got this but for sure it was synchronicity that brought me this email. I was just responding to a woman who went to one of my live presentations about 6 years ago telling me what made a difference in her healing from cancer. She just graduated from her chemo etc and is not in remission. I will list here and maybe this would help you and your sister – knowing that the mindbody connection is real. Our thoughts, fears affect our healing and our cells ability to heal. Meditating and guided visualizations and gratitude made a big difference plus faith.
    I will put a link to a presentation I did last year for people challenged by cancer plus attaching a book chapter on cancer/imagery I wrote. My credentials – I am a former cancer research scientist who looks at healing from beyond the western model but not negating the science. I also have a book chapter on cancer and cancer imagery but don’t see how I can attach that here. email me if you’d like it.

    Most important to reduce stress and tension since that worsens pain. Letting go.
    Wishing the best of healing.