Reply To: Vegans and Ghee??


    I appreciate your assistance, Carol. Thank you!

    When I cook or prepare salads, I use plant-based oils such as sunflower, coconut, and olive oil already, so I will continue to do so. I will also continue to read and do some research to see if there is some sacred or specific healing reason WHY they seem to glorify the use of ghee in the ancient teachings. I understand that cows are held sacred in India by most. What I do not understand is that in order to get those jars and jars of ghee and blocks of butter in the Indian market places (and also here in the United States and other countries), there has to be some kind of mass production in factories or large farms to collect the milk. This is where cruelty, suffering, and horrible things happen to cows and their babies that show absolutely no honor or compassion for these loving animals – all so that we can mindlessly consume their milk products, and ghee is no exception. Like Marianjii says in the book, “It would be very small of me if I only helped those I like or who like me.” Any wise person who practices Siddah-Veda knows it goes deeper than just connecting with the “liking” of human souls. It applies to the connection we all have with every living thing. How do we treat other living beings, without exception?

    I’m sorry if I am using this forum to express my feelings about animal cruelty. It is my purpose in life to teach these things. What I say here is related to what I am learning in this book. I want to understand WHY some aspects of the teachings of these ancient practices, like the use of ghee, are still being promoted without concern for the higher levels of consciousness we experience in our modern times. Does it matter what oil we use?? There are even a few chapters (ch. 6 & 9) where they imply that ghee has some kind of “magical benefits.” If I choose to use coconut oil to rub into my temples or feet, will my time and efforts to heal be wasted? Will NOT using ghee make the healing null and void and NOT happen, or is INTENT what matters? Will I receive the same benefits using plant oils? Who can answer these questions for me , please?

    Thank you,
    With love, in memory of Dr. Naram,