Reply To: Vegans and Ghee??


    Thank you, Administration, for your response.

    I have taken my questions to a higher source with the intent to know what I should do for my highest good, and for the animals, regarding the use of ghee. My heart is certain that I should continue to avoid doing anything willingly that causes harm and suffering to other sentient beings. Whenever it is within my power to control the outcome, then I should always look deeper inside for assistance and strength and follow my heart. The answers are always there, I just have to remember to ask! For any vegans reading this, it is my knowing that it will always be your own heart you must follow regarding the use of ghee. If you have already chosen the vegan lifestyle, then I applaud you and I am very grateful for your choice. We can be successful with these ancient healing methods using pure, 100% plant replacements for ghee, and still have “magical” benefits and healing take place.

    *Please note: Thank you, Lynwood, for the kind words above in your comment. I hope that what I am about to say will not be taken personally and will not reflect on you or your comment. It is important for vegans to know that the milk and dairy products from cows that come from farms (even in India) that use “Biodynamic” farming methods do not count as being places whose products should be okay for consumption of dairy. Their end game is the same. The cows are still considered to be non-sentient “livestock” or “commodities” with the sale of their milk being used solely for profit. It produces the same results whether or not they “carefully” take away the babies from their mothers before using the cows as “milking machines” for years until they are “retired”. The vibrations created are lower and are similar to humans who work in cubicles all day producing computer data, day-in and day-out, or those who work in factories doing the same mundane work over and over. Most humans used for this kind of work will say they “hate their jobs”. No one asks the cow if she likes her job or not. That is congruent with slavery.

    As the consciousness of all is raising in vibration in these amazing times, I hope all will awaken to the animal cruelty that is taking place in factory farms and all farms that raise animals for food and other products. Abuse of our animals WILL end. I am happy to be even a small part of that victorious outcome!

    With much love,