Reply To: Pain in my Right sholder due to a fall & Energy & Vatality

Goddess Noelle

    Dear one
    I have just started this journey and a beginner…after registration and now going through some of these posts…I just came to this topic first- pain in right shoulder after a fall….I fell a year ago and injured my right arm..medium deltoid muscle ..I have developed a shoulder neck pain this year and I feel it is connected to my fall. Now in the meantime I am having some sciatica pain and issues. I also feel it is connected to my fall as I fell on my bum and the pain in my arm was so bad it took my attention away from my rear end. Physio said my tail bone is not flexing properly.. I now feel the fall caused an injury on my (lower back) and tail bone. IF you have any further suggestions to apply or recommend, I would greatly appreciate.
    Thank you