Help with reversing Osteoporosis


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    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me a recipe for stopping or reversing osteoporosis. I have had four joint replacements already and my doctor here in the US wants to put me on a IV treatment that may make me ill and cause my hair to fall out. The drug is call Zolendronic acid. I would love to find a healthier way to improve my bone density if anyone has any suggestion, please let me know. thank you, Linda


    Hi Linda, I am in the same boat! I have advanced osteoporosis and took daily shots for two years and am still loosing bone. I was pleased with my appointment with Ayurshakti and the herbal supplements they supplied. Their contact info is on the FAQ or you can email me for more information:

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    To make it easy, here is the link you can use to book a phone consultation too:


    Hi Linda, this video was posted a few days ago by Ayushakti with Dr. Smita & Dr. Meera on the subject of osteoporosis:
    A lot of great information there. I actually started the castor oil in hot water last night to decrease vata! Best of luck, Georgia

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