Mung Bean soup – Headache

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    This is the second time I’m having mung bean soup, today was the first day of the week. Last time, I was able to have it until day 3 but then I couldn’t continue due to headaches. After today’s lunch, I’m also having a slight headache…any suggestions?


    I have heard a few other people say they started the mung bean diet with headaches. It is usually a result of toxins being released. Exactly what kind of headache and where? Drinking additional water might help, and rubbing ghee on your temples in a circular motion. Hope you feel better soon!


    I have also heard of headaches being caused by a detox effect of having sugar levels drop drastically/quickly…like a “sugar hangover”. I think it would be advisable to consult your doctor or one of the Ayushakti doctors here to get customized care suggestions:

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