Response to Dr. Rogers request for my input on the webinar today.

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      Requested response by Client: After reading the book and practicing a few mentioned marmaa Shakti, this is the missing mantra in self healing without medication that health conscious people worldwide need to know. Since drugs don’t do much for say, back pain or other related pain, the MARMAA centain works based on my experience ans well as my wife’s, inclusive of headaches to say the least.In the past 35 years I have been researching natural approaches to pain, allergies(my kids being borne with them), and now seeing all of Dr.Naram videos for some time and now Clint book on his following on Dr.Naram. I am at peace knowing that there have been and is a solution to one’s healing for different types od health issues, not requiring major medical surgeries. The only missing link is, the process relating to the pulse analysis and interpenetration based on the Doshas?. Dr. AlbertBissember,PhD.

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        Dr. Albert – Thank you for your beautiful post, and helpful reflection. Very grateful for your feedback.

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