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    Beccy Smith

      Hi, I condsider myself above average in terms of health and as a contributing member of society but felT my energy go a bIt up and down and was seeking even more health and energy and was aTtracted to the ancient secrets book after watching an interview with Dr Clint and Lee Carroll on Kryon healing wednesdays. After buying the ancient secrets book 6 weeks ago I immediately put into practice sensible dietary changes from my already pretty clean and healthy, organic and vegan diet to better suit my dosha. I also started to eat mung bean soup every day and the super energy drink. my mother, husband and myself also had a consult with a ayushakti dr as recommended from the facebook group. So around 5 weeks ago we started on a programme of more mung bean soup and also supplements. In addition I had a consult for our 2 dogs, 4 cats and 4 horses we help care for. This was a very short online consult for us all. We have invested all our savings and are gravely disappointed. We are actually feeling no better. In fact, I have far less energy, lethargy, brain fog, have difficulty feeling positive, thinking or working. I am bloated and heavy. I am currently revisiting the marma points and am trying to find the information in the bonus material here… where can I find help to feel, think and function in a more positive, productive and fulfiling way? Please can you help? Thank you.


        Hi Beccy-Smith .I read with interest your post . I was particularly interested in hearing you and other family members had a consult with a ayushakti dr .
        From what I understand the Mung bean soup at first is to start the body on a detox program . Do you see or understand this to be the case or have I got it wrong ? I did not notice much change at first when I started on soup but I started having it and only it every evening and slowly I noticed changes taking place . Now after nearly two and a half months I definitely have more energy and are feeling a lot better. I guess the initial detoxing is a shock to the body . As I have been eating the wrong foods for many many years I expect the detox process to take its time , which reminded me of Dr Neeram saying to Clint when he was asking about his fathers progress saying . “This is not a quick fix Clint.” but I hope it is quicker than the time it took me to get it to the state I am in now. Brianyo.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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