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    Greetings, Dear ones!

    I hope this finds you well and good. Wanting your feedback on any specific content or feature or whatever else you think would make this community site more engaging (like maybe more specific Discussion boards…for Moong Bean Recipe Experiments anyone?!?)

    This site is FOR YOU! Yes, YOU reading this. :-) So, bring on your suggestions. If you don’t wish to speak them here, then you can always contact us via the online form so we can make the needed changes!

    Sending you all love and deep gratitude!


    Is it moong or mung? Either way, yes please for recipe! That’s an excellent idea.

    Also, I can’t access the bonus vids on iPhone. I was able to press the link on the front page yesterday for bonus 5&6 which was the only way I could access previous vids. Clicking on the Bonus videos link on the drop down Menu takes me to the front page.

    Also, do you have any scientific readings on ghee?
    So perhaps links on the herbs Regarding their info, why theyre good for you, where they’re originated, how to plant, prepare etc? So links for home remedies?
    Would it also be too much to have a link on the marma points? Or would these defeat the purpose of buying the book?


    If this forum is on acebook, I think more people will find and use it like the Global Miracle Healing Experiment. Plus it feels easier to discuss more things on FB as it’s something used by more people. This is my personal opinion. You can do what your heart guides you to do. :good:

    MyAncientSecrets Admin

    @Amru – Thank you so much for your suggestion! We do have a private FaceBook group as an additional resource for people as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyAncientSecrets/

    We have this resource for those who do not have or cannot access FaceBook. Please keep the wonderful suggestions coming!

    MyAncientSecrets Admin

    @joncog – Are you still having issues accessing the videos? If so, please email questions@myancientsecrets.com to receive further assistance with that.

    Moong is the more traditional spelling, but mung is also acceptable. The recipe video is still in the plans for publishing to this site! Stay tuned!

    Beautiful questions/suggestions on the rest of your post. You can check out our FAQ (https://myancientsecrets.com/faq/) and even submit these or more questions/comments as well!

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    Yes, I agree with joncog: a section for the home remedy recipes would be helpful. Also, a link to where to purchase the herbal supplements under Resources. Thanks for all your hard work on creating a beautiful site! Georgia in TX


    Hi, how can we have the herbs recipe to treat vitiligo ? Thank you


    I think that reducing the size of the black headings and increasing the size of the previews (especially) and the posts would make for a more appealing design and be easier for those with less good eyesight.

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    Where to get pulse testing?

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