Welcome to the 30-Day “Miracle Experiment Game”!
Remember, this is a game, an experiment. You have nothing to prove and no one to impress, you only have a process to enjoy. 
It is designed to be fun and very interesting, as You discover more mystical miracles of love unfolding for yourself and those in your group by following these 2 steps…
2 Steps as A part of this 30-day game:
 Step #1) You’ll follow as best you can 3 “ancient secrets” principles of Dr Naram from the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer” (click here to buy the book and support orphans in the process) for the next 30-days: 
-Discover & Focus on What You Want, 
-Practice ‘Atithi Devo Bhava”, & 
-Infuse Your Life with More Gratitude 
Step #2) Share/Post something to the Group Space Each Day (or as often as you feel inspired) 
You can join the Facebook group through this link: 
Post to the FB group a picture or text that represents 
(a) Where you see/feel love in your life, or 
(b) Something you are grateful for, and/or
(c) A miracle you experienced
(Hashtag your small group on your post, so they can easily find your posts. e.g. #Group2 or whatever group name was decided upon like #LoveHealsAllGroup)

Live Experiential Calls for You
The Global Miracle Call on each Sunday (at 8am PST), and your small-group call (each week at the time you selected) are very important parts of the 30-day game. You’ll love how they spark inspiration, healing, & support you in magnifying and multiplying the miracles in your life.
You’ll benefit the most of you make a point to attend and actively participate. Give yourself a gift to put them right now on your schedule and block off the time to give your 100% attention and participation.
Here is the link to join the zoom: 
(If you miss the Sunday call, the recording of it being live-streamed is posted on this page below or here on Facebook: )
Description of the 3 Ancient Secrets For Experiencing Miracles

Secret #1) Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

– Miracle process:

  1. Each day in the morning (take around 6 minutes), identify “What do I want for today?”
  2. Then you write it in the form of a gratitude statement, as if it has already happened and you are grateful it happened.
  3. Spend at least a couple minutes visualizing yourself in the gratitude of it happening.
  4. Observe your thoughts throughout the day, and each time you catch yourself focusing on what you don’t want, gently turn your thoughts toward what you do want.

If you have any difficulties discovering what you want, watch this video where Dr. Naram walks you through the ancient process on how to discover. 

Secret #2) “Atithi Devo Bhava” (treat the unexpected guest as if God himself/herself has come to visit you).

– Miracle process:

  1. Notice any “unexpected guest” arriving into your life – it could be a person, an animal, or an emotion. And honor the divine gift of that guest’s arrival, as if God himself/herself arrived.
  2. Each day (or each week at least) go out of your way to feed cows, crows, and needy dogs.
    Miracle Milo and Me
    If you do not have access, then you can donate to people and organizations that will feed them in your behalf.Here is a link by which you can make this donation (indicate in the notes that it is for this purpose):


Secret #3) Gratitude – infuse your life with more gratitude. “A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”

– Miracle process:

  1. Each night before you go to bed, you write at least 3 things you are grateful
    for from that day.

Resources for you

Facebook Group for You to Share Each Day:

Weekly Small Group Meetings

Every week you have the option to join with like-minded men and women from around the world seeking truth, healing and understanding! These groups are held with open hearts and love creating a space for you to be courageously authentic, ask questions and experience miracle insights. Be sure to join as often as you can. These calls are recorded, so if you aren’t able to join some weeks, you can still replay and experience them. 

Downloadable Daily Journal 

Miracle Experiment Game PDF – has Frequently Asked questions and answers including:

  • If people have a personal health question, you can give them this link to book a video
    consultation with a qualified healer in India:

  • How to Use Bookfinder to find distributors by country (how they can get the book in
    their country)
  • Questions and answers about if this has to do with any religion
  •  Ancient Secrets Foundation and mission
  • Translation questions (up first: Hindi, Gujarati, Italian and German plus many more)
  • How they can Pay-It-Forward
  • Where to share your own story of healing and miracles
  • How to find out about Dr. Clint G. Rogers’ availability for speaking engagements
  • Dr. Naram’s diet recommendations & some recipes (e.g. more about moong soup)
  • Training opportunities for those interested in becoming healers
Video 1 - Dr Naram walking you through an ancient process to discover what you want
Video 2 - More in depth guide with Dr. Naram to discover what you want
Video 3 - Dr. Smita & Krushna - sharing amazing stories when following the discovery of "What do you want?"

Recordings of Global miracle calls from previous weeks...

Week ONE CAll

Week two call

Week three call

week four call

Celebration of miracles call

On this call we got a chance to hear from more people about the healings and miracles they have been able to experience during this miracle experiment game as well as in their life beyond the game.