Empowering Dreams:
A Future Beyond Orphanhood

Building a bridge for orphans in Nepal by offering guidance, support, and essential life skills as they transition into adulthood.


Building a bridge for orphans in Nepal by offering guidance, support, and essential life skills as they transition into adulthood.


At Ancient Secrets Foundation, we believe in empowering every child with the tools and knowledge to shape their own destiny. Driven by a vision of a bright future for orphans transitioning into adulthood, we are committed to a journey of guidance, support, and community building.

Meet our Adult Children

Since 2020, inspired by Dr. Pankaj Naram, Ancient Secrets Foundation has been supporting several orphanages in Nepal. These children are uniquely special in their love for one another, for people in general and for life itself. As one veteran teacher recently said, “I’ve taught hundreds of students over the last 50 years from all walks of life and have never met children with such positivity and enthusiasm.”

But, what happens after life in the orphan homes?

Due to government restrictions, once the child reaches 18, they are required to leave the orphanage – the only stable home they have ever known. To say this is an abrupt transition is putting it mildly. In leaving the comforting love of so many, they must fend for themselves alone, with no money and few (if any) life skills. 

Our mission is to assist them with this transition and equip them with the necessary tools for living in the “real world.” We see these incredible young adults as potential change-agents in the world and can’t allow them to fall through the cracks.

Our Approach

Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance

Our dedicated mentors are personally meeting several times with each child to understand their aspirations and offer ideas and possibilities that extend beyond the mainstream. From eco-villages to vocational training, we’re exploring diverse paths for each individual and the steps necessary for realizing the goals.

Financial Support

Financial Support

Recognizing the financial needs, we’ve identified key areas for 1 – 3 years

Let’s break it down:

Accommodation/ Food

We have both long-term goals of establishing our own facilities and immediate plans to secure existing hostels for our transitioning youths to provide secure housing and daily nourishment.


Not every teenager wishes to continue into higher education – in fact, many of them have never even had this option presented to them. For those who desire it, scholarships will be applied for, but there will likely be tuition costs as well.

Vocational Training

Some of the youth have expressed a desire to learn a trade, so tuition will be needed.

Books, Student Materials, etc.

No matter which modality of training a student wishes to pursue, there are many supporting costs involved. We want to cover as many of these as possible.

Commuting Costs

Kathmandu is a big city with a busy bus system, which some of the young adults will take to their various institutions, while others will use for their work apprenticeships. All will need transportation support when starting out.

Life Skills Education

Life Skills Education

Our commitment goes beyond academics. Life skills, such as opening a bank account or posting a letter, are integral to their success. We plan to initiate these classes immediately for those who are graduating, as well as for the younger teens, to ensure a foundation for independent living.

Community Building

Community Building

To foster trust and camaraderie, we’re organizing monthly gatherings for the young adults from the different orphanages who currently don’t know each other. This way, when they arrive at their new hostel homes, they will see friendly, recognizable faces – a continuum of family cohesion.

Sustainable Impact

Sustainable Impact

Our vision broadens beyond the current cohort. We aim to create a network where successfully-launched adults will gratefully give back to their orphanages with finances and connections, eventually establishing a perpetual cycle of support. In the future, each child will have a sense of where they’re going and who their support alumni are well before they walk out the doors of the orphan homes.

Funding Our Dreams

At Ancient Secrets Foundation, we’re crafting a budget for our short-term goals, which includes covering the costs of the team overseeing the program in Nepal. 

To make this vision a reality, we’re asking every Ancient Secrets member to give from the heart by creating a fun and imaginative fundraiser during the week of Valentine’s Day! 

It could be in person or online and can raise anywhere from $100 – $10,000! Here are some suggestions:

    1. Superbowl party
    2. Hot chocolate & cookie party
    3. Organize a neighborhood car wash with friends and family.
    4. Host a bake sale featuring homemade treats.
    5. Create and sell handmade crafts or artwork at a local market or online.
    6. Offer to do chores for neighbors in exchange for donations to the cause.
    7. Initiate a fun scavenger hunt in the neighborhood with an entry fee.
    8. Host a mini talent show for kids to showcase their skills, charging a small fee for attendance.
    9. Arrange a garage sale with items donated by the community.
    10.  Run a charity walk or bike ride with sponsors pledging donations for distance covered.
    11. Collaborate with a local business for a kids’ day event, with a portion of sales going to the cause.
    12.  Ask a local restaurant to donate towards a party.
    13.  Host a dinner.
    14.  And more! Have fun and get creative!

Join Us in Empowering Dreams

Together, we can make a huge difference in the lives of these transitioning youth. Join us on this journey of empowerment, creativity, and generosity. Let’s pave the way for a bright future, one dream at a time.