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Are the books available in my country? What websites can they be purchased through?

Our e-books (and print books) are available through in most places around the world.

If you do not see the book that you want available on Amazon, it is available through Barnes and Noble as well as dozens of other bookstores and online websites. You can find out if any of them are available in your country by checking this Bookfinder link. It helps you locate where the books are available for sale.

What religion is this book associated with?

The ancient secrets referred to in this book are not associated with any religion, and they are useful to people from all religions. It is a ‘technology’ (a philosophy or school of thought) that operates beyond nationality, caste, creed, religion, etc. Similar to how the light switch works regardless of if you are a Christian, Muslim, or Hindu – these ancient secrets can work regardless of what religious or educational background you have. In the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer,” Dr. Naram said, “My religion is to help humanity.”

How can I be involved in this cause, and spreading this message in the world?

Thank you for your beautiful heart. We need help of good people like you. You can apply to join the Miracle Dream Team as a volunteer through this link:

How can I join the projects of the Ancient Secrets Foundation, in supporting the orphan homes, and other good projects around the world?

You are amazing, we need your help. Thank you. You can visit to discover the projects in progress now and learn more about how you can join.

How can I be involved in the translation efforts for this book?

You can learn more about what languages it is already being translated into, and how you can help, by visiting:

How can I help 'pay-it-forward' by sponsoring books so they can be distributed to orphanages, hospitals, schools, libraries, and prisons?

You inspire us by how beautiful your heart it. For this, you can visit:

I've had amazing things happen in my life as a result of reading this book and/or applying its content, where can I share my story?

Super! We want to hear your story. You can submit your story (and read stories of others) here:

I want Dr. Clint to speak at my event, or on my program, how can I arrange for that?

Wonderful question. You can send Dr. Clint your request by FILLING OUT THIS FORM and someone will get back to you asap.

How can I learn more about the diet recommended by Dr. Naram?

You can join the free online community, and there is a section which helps guide you a lot with this:

Where can I learn how to be a healer with these kinds of ancient healing methods?

You can now enroll in our NEW self-paced online courses at any time here. You can also fill out this form to find out which course/experience might be best for you.

Where can I get an appointment with someone who has been trained in these methods?

One of the best ways right now is to set up a phone consultation with someone who can help you. You can do that through the online scheduler here:

Does anyone from Dr. Naram's clinic travel and do pulse healing clinics in different countries still?

Yes – depending on your country. Dr. Naram trained many doctors who still travel and see people in their countries. Another easy option that doesn’t require you to travel is you can start with a phone consultation. You can do that through an online scheduler here:

Are there vegan alternatives for ghee?

While there are many proven health benefits to the use of ghee, we understand that some wish to live in deeper harmony with the earth and avoid all use of animal products. We applaud your service and dedication to the sanctity of life and honor your path.

The top alternative to ghee we recommend is coconut oil. Other plant based oils could also be viable alternatives. To ensure the right oils are used for your dosha type and needs, be sure to schedule a virtual appointment with an ayurvedic doctor:

I'm dairy/lactose/casein allergic or intolerant. Is ghee safe for me to use and consume?

Firstly, also discuss any dietary changes with a qualified medical professional.

Highly purified and high quality ghee will still have trace amounts of the casein and lactose proteins. If you are severely allergic to either of these or suspect you might be, do not use ghee without the direct supervision of a qualified medical professional.

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