In this video, Dr. Naram was being interviewed by Dr. Brown for a new book he was doing on how to help children with Autism.

Are there ancient secrets to help your child with autism or ADD/ADHD (or any child) to be more calm, focused, better memory, and even speak? Dr Pankaj Naram and Marianjii demonstrate on this live interview ancient marma secrets which people have used to see incredible results in their children.

Additionally, there are ways to customize diet and herbal formulas to help in a significant way. To set an appointment to personalize a plan for you and the child you want to help, please click here: – This is the link to book a video consultation with a “Vaidya”/doctor in India (when booking through this link, money is automatically donated to the orphan home in Nepal)

This is a private video. To discover more, You can now view all the videos at this site: *Dr Naram is not a medical doctor. For medical disclaimer, and full description of what the Ancient Secrets are and what they have done for people, visit