The Miracle Experiment Game




YOU are About to Discover the Miracles that Can Come into Your Life from the Ancient Secrets in this Book. Why not  Share the Journey with Others You Love, So They Can Experience the Miracles too! 

– As a Surprise Gift – If YOU Want to SHARE the LOVE & SHARE the MIRACLES – there is an Invitation below for You to Participate in a 30-Day Exclusive Experience with the Author of this book, along with other amazing people from around the world. The experience is called “The Miracle Experiment Game” – and Your Invitation, as well as information on the 3 Steps how You can join are in the video and text below. It’s free and fun.

The miracle experiment game

>>> YOUR Exclusive invitation! <<<

Do You Want to Experience more Mystical Miracles of Love & Healing in Your life?

Here are 3 STEPS to do before June 15th, in order to join amazing people from around the world in this Miracle Experiment Game & change Your Life Forever:

1) Get the Book (DONE!)

2) Share with at least 3 friends (EASY!)

3) Post to Social Media (FUN!)

More info on each step is below…

1) Get one or more copies today of the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer” (CONGRATULATIONS – You are awesome and almost there already!)  2) Tell 3 or more people (friends, family, or friendly aliens) about this Miracle Experiment Game, and invite them to join, too.

– Here is a simple text message you could send:

“Hey, check this miracle experiment game out… I want you to do it with me:

3) Post to social media about the book & Miracle Experiment Game, with a link so others can join too. 

– There are some pictures below which you can use in your post, but what is ideally best is if you make a new profile picture for the day or week – of You holding the book or e-book! Awesome! 

– Here are some words you can post with the picture:

“Good News! I’m doing this ‘Miracle Experiment Game’ based on this new book ‘Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer‘… and I want you to do it with me!” 


(Note: You’ll have to complete these 3 things between June 1st to 15th in order to participate.)

Once you’ve completed the above – fill out this registration form (with your receipt number & link to your posts) – and you are in!

The 30-day “Miracle Experiment Game” will begin on June 15th. Don’t forget to complete the above 3 steps, and then fill out the simple form here:

So excited to join with you in creating together a much healthier, happier world.


Master Healer Dr. Naram personally attended to Saint Mother Teresa, HH the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and helped millions around the world.

For the last 10 years, he worked with university researcher Dr. Clint G. Rogers to share his secrets in a book that was completed the month before he left his body, and is just being released now — “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer: a Western Skeptic, an Eastern Master, and Life’s Greatest Secrets”

Join amazing people around the world in the Miracle Experiment Game – where you’ll apply the secrets of Master Healer Dr Naram that are shared in this book, and see what kind of mystical miracles of love can happen for You and for those You love! ?❤️

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