Here is where you will find REAL LIFE miracles as reported from everyday people who read and applied the ancient healing secrets contained in the book Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer!

What if these testimonies could serve as a beacon of hope for you and your loved ones who might be going through similar circumstances? What if watching these can allow the seed of possibility to begin growing in your heart that these or other ancient healing secrets can bring about miracles in your life too?

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Life coach from Barcelona, Spain

My passion to help people to heal in a deep powerful holistic way which means mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically has led me to this book. It has helped me be more aware… experiencing and expanding love, feeling vibrant energy in my body, releasing old beliefs that aren’t useful to me anymore bringing peace of mind.

The book can help others to empower themselves, achieving new habits and decisions and definitely believe in magic happening as they use and apply the Ancient Secrets in their daily lives!


From USA

Although I have been interested in health and well-being for many years, as a 54 year old, divorced/single woman, with a teen-age son, I naturally had developed certain challenges. Two issues which troubled me were lack of energy and motivation, and concerns about declining youthfulness. I struggled through my days, resorting to caffeine and some less healthy foods, only to be mentally and physically exhausted by evening, and less able to be present to my son. I also looked in the mirror at my developing wrinkles, and lamented my lost youth.

All of this, in turn, led to a subtle downward spiral, and a catch-22 of feeling stuck. I began to feel doubt in my ability to achieve my desires of creating new purpose in my life, post-divorce and post child-rearing. When I was young, I felt like I had it all… career, marriage, physical beauty… but gradually, my dreams of youth and fulfillment had faded. As I moved beyond menopause and began to enter the “wisdom” stage of life, I tried to develop appreciation for this new phase, but I still felt tired, overwhelmed and lost.

However, several months ago, through a series of amazing “co-incidences”, I discovered information about Dr. Naram and Dr. Clint G. Rogers online. I remembered hearing of Dr. Naram healing a friend’s son of a deadly brain tumor many years ago, so I immediately began learning all I could, and following Dr. Naram’s methods. I focused especially on the advice which was the easiest for me… healthier diet, simple home remedies, a less stressful lifestyle, and going inward to connect with my true self and my heart’s desires. It was a commitment which required some effort, yet it felt joyful and happy, and such a relief!

Then the miracle happened. One day, as a part of helping with the launch of the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer,” I saw a video where Jack Canfield referenced the story in the book of a woman in her early 50’s who wanted to have a baby, and Dr. Naram helped her reverse her menopause. Although I simply thought that was a wonderful story, and I went on with my day, something unbelievable happened just an hour later. My own menopause spontaneously reversed!

Of course, I was initially shocked, but I soon realized it all made sense. As I had increasingly shown deeper love and caring for myself… physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… I actually reversed some of my aging process. Although I did not specifically desire a return of menses, nor to have another baby, I am elated to “ birth” increased vitality and connection to purpose. And the most exciting part is knowing my journey with Dr. Naram’s methods is merely beginning!


Therapist from Rome, Italy

This book is a journey throught light and deep healing. Thanks to it  I can see clearly the Great Miracle I am and feel my heart full of Love. 

I learned how to take care and love my self in a way I didn’t know before and this changed my life forever.

Now I have clear who I want to be and what is my real value and I m attracting exactly people and situations I want.
I know what is my purpose of life and I started to work on this without fear or judgment.

So many feelings, emotions, images , insights came to me in a very different ways while I was reading it and  I felt a lot of brilliant light going down above, around and inside of me and my heart full of love. 

New miracles are happening every day in my life since I started to read it in terms of Self-love, Gratitude, Blessings, Hope.
Now I can see and feel clearly that Love, Light and Miracles are everywhere and in everything and that I am the first Miracle of Love. 

It’s such a precious gift for this world that will change un unlimited number of people’s lives bringing light and deep healing. 

At the end of the journey you will not be the same but a new version:  the best version of You. 


I was brought up in a city in India and my childhood was traumatic. I lost my dad to a heart attack when I was 10. I came to believe due my mom’s upbringing that I will be loved and valued only if I achieve something in life. My mom and my relatives seemed to love and value me more when I achieved something.  The society around me seemed to accept me more when I had good grades than when I was having an average one. As a kid, this went deep into my subconscious and I started believing very deeply that I am worthless if I don’t achieve or have certain things in life that society would consider great and big such a academic or professional success, beauty, name, fame, money, perfect relationships etc..

So when I was 13, I became obsessed with getting high scores in school to the point where I gave least importance to my health. I was obsessed with it because I had no self love and I hugely depended on these material successes to feel valued and loved by others. I ate a lot of junk foods, slept very less and was physically very weak. I suffered with anaemia and my doctors always kept suggesting me to eat more healthy foods to gain weight. I did not pay heed to anything of what people around me told about having a better health. My focus was only on accumulating material success so that I can impress people around me and make them love and value me. In a nutshell, I was self harming in pursuit of gaining love and worthiness from others when that is supposed to come from within.

When I was 17, my classmates kept asking me about white spots appearing in my face. Later it started spreading in my body and my dermatologist diagnosed it as a skin disease named “Vitiligo” and my world broke apart. For the first time I looked back and saw how much harm I had done to myself all these years. I felt guilty on one hand for causing this to myself and on the other hand, it was hard to accept this. I went into so much fear and anxiety. I was so mentally ill that my grades went down and I was undergoing extreme pressure from my school to perform well and when I couldn’t, I started hating myself. I kept having negative and depressing self talks about myself. It was unbearable and it was the most difficult period of my life.

When I turned 18, I started finding ways to live through this phase. I had various spiritual experiences which helped me develop unshakeable trust in God. I was looking for ways to heal myself from this illness. My western doctor couldn’t help me out of it because there was apparently no cure for my skin issue in the western medicine. I did not give up because by now, I had gained so much trust in God that I accepted however the way life was for me and I learnt to take care of my health in a better way. My anaemia was finally cured due to my healthy eating habits. I was no longer harming myself physically but on a mental level, I was still feeling low about myself because of the way I was being treated by the people around me. I was looked at like an alien by the people because of these white spots on my body that seemed to disgust and intimidate some people. So I refused to go out of my house and stayed locked in my room for a long time.

I felt like just running away from the place I was in so many times but something in me believed that things will somehow get better. I had a hope and huge faith in God so I kept living even though I didn’t really want to.

Then sometime later few months before my 19th birthday, I found out about Dr Naram after watching Dr Clint G Rogers Tedx Talk about him. It was a complete miracle in itself because Dr Naram was the only one who said I could heal completely from my health issue. All the other doctors I met before him were always doubtful about my chances of healing.

So then I contacted Dr Naram’s team of assisting doctors and started taking his herbs and home remedies to heal myself. I gained inspiration from others who went before me to Dr Naram for the same health issue as mine and who had a complete miraculous recovery from this health issue. I felt good about myself for holding on long enough to find a way out of my problem and this increased my faith in God and made me more stronger and happier as a person.

Then few months before my 20th birthday, another miracle took place. I met both Dr Naram and Dr Clint G Rogers in Mumbai, India and it was the best experience in my healing journey. I went home feeling so much love, hope and positivity. Dr Clint G Rogers gave me his book “Ancient Secrets Of A Master Healer” to read when I met him and I spent the next 2 weeks reading the book 2 times. During the time of reading this book, a major and a beautiful shift in my life happened. I finally saw the importance of loving and accepting myself completely including my white spots. So a month before my birthday, I embraced and accepted everything about me. I was OK to even have these spots for the rest of my life. I loved myself so much now that I was totally comfortable walking with these spots in the streets without bothering much about what people would think of me. It was a big deal for me considering the amount of time I had spent in my life self harming and not choosing to love myself.

In the following months, I read the book three more times and each time I saw changes happening not just in a physical level but also mental level. I am now more positive minded and optimistic than before. Some of my white spots closed down or got back to my normal colour after following the recommendations of Dr Naram and the book hugely helped me accelerate my healing process because of the positivity, hope and love that emanated from each miracle healing story that Clint shared in this book.

I am now a transformed being. I no longer run behind material success. Health, self care and self love is now my top most priority. I am more happier and at peace with myself because my core belief due to my childhood traumas that I am worthy only if I have certain things in my life has changed. I now strongly believe and I am very confident about this truth that my worth doesn’t depend on anything outside of me. I am worthy as such. So in a way, I believe this health issue I suffered with taught me how to love myself. It was a blessing in disguise and I am thankful for it.


Teacher from New York, USA

Dr. Naram showed me the book! The book itself has revealed miracles to me Through the stories I hear of its shakti, and meeting the girl first hand in the book who Dr. Naram saved from a coma!

It also is told from this perspective of many of us with skepticism at first, which helps the reader understand and feel identified with the author.

Reading this book has many benefits such as learning ancient techniques to heal yourself and prevent disease!  Powerful healing energy radiates from the book itself!


My name is Arleen Shamon, I am from Baldwin New York, USA –  I do energy healing but my Real Love is Christ Consciousness which has been my Life’s mission and passion, Because it’s about True Love!  

I was trying to get to one of Dr. Naram’s retreats when he was alive and then a teacher I have been working with mentioned his passing in February, her name is Sai Maa.

I looked up Dr. Naram and his work and found Dr. Clint and the book!  I quickly signed on as a volunteer for The Global Healing Miracles Book even though I didn’t know much about the book or the work, I was drawn to the loving energy of Dr. Naram and Dr. Clint, so genuine, so passionate, so positive they were  being a force of LOVE!  

I have been greatly impacted by who this group of individuals ARE and a new paradigm we are putting forth and am astounded at what a group of heart centered volunteers can create without the currency of money but with the New Currency of LOVE and collaboration on a collective level!!!!   isn’t this what the world needs right now!

To my surprise as I cracked open the book I have learned that Marma points work with Divine energy and I plan on using this with my clients!!!  My life has changed since beginning this adventure as I dip into this pool of Love that is a catalyst for change !!!   This IS the NEW NORMAL️

I would like to say don’t give up for whatever is going on in your life, read the miracles in this book and the remedies, and finally open the door to a new beginning. 

Love is our New Religion Love is the New Currency Love is the force for change!


From Slovakia

It is a truly special book that enters your life at the critical moments of your biggest need, in order to heal deep wounds you didn’t even know you had. Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer is one such book. It is beyond words, but here is the story of me and the book that keeps helping me evolve in surprisingly miraculous ways.

I first connected with Dr. Clint G Rogers after I watch his TEDx talk, revealing his own journey through difficult chapters in life that led right through the gateway of an ancient healing tradition. I saw it at the beginning of 2019 and, as it usually happens, it was the meeting point of two years, the old and the new. I was feeling sad, emotional, sentimental and a bit lost. The talk found its way to me at the right time when I needed to be inspired, uplifted and reminded that life is worth living. I reached out to Clint to simply say ‘thank you.’

I had no idea it was just the beginning of a journey that would take me right into the places inside me that needed healing, dark places that I’d been refusing to see.

I was honoured and surprised when Clint asked whether I would be interested in reviewing the book. Although I enjoyed his TEDx talk, as a writer myself with a critical eye towards what I read, I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book. I was happy to discover, however, that from the beginning Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer resonated with my heart.

I come from a family and a culture well-versed in natural healing traditions. I was curious as an explorer, an academic, and as someone strongly drawn to holistic healing. So, I read the book once, twice and found it fascinating. I could tell there was something special about this book, and I made a mental note to look deeper into the practice of Siddha-Veda.

A few months passed and Clint asked whether I could read through the book one more time before it was published. I was having a quiet summer by the lake, so I reached for my laptop to read it again. To be honest, I was only going to quickly skim through it, believing that I already knew what it was all about. That third reading turned out to be something very different.

It was as if I discovered another layer to the universal story of healing that we are all a part of. As I was going through the pages, word by word, it also brought me deeper and deeper into my own hidden pain and suffering. A few pages into the book, I could not carry on.

I looked up at the still lake, feeling tears trickling down my face. A few tears gave way to an unstoppable flow and I submerged myself in the book again partly to distract myself, partly because I couldn’t help but wonder what lay beyond this tidal wave of emotions.

That night I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and I was shocked. I saw the part of me that I did not listen to or acknowledge, for God-only-knows how long. The woman looking back at me was sad beyond description. In that moment I understood why. She was misunderstood.

I saw I was missing love for me, which I had been denying myself of for so long. 

Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer gently touched something buried deep inside. There was pain I didn’t know I had. When touched, I felt it pouring out of my entire being. The book itself also provided a healing balm, which helped me move through the pain to discover a new love for myself and all of life.

It was not just the personal story relayed in the book (although that initially opened the secret door) or the timeless kind wisdom of Dr Naram and his ancient lineage of healer and sages. I felt the words themselves carry a pure essence, a healing frequency that stirs things under the surface of our busy everyday lives.

Reading the book seemed like having a conversation with a compassionate wise friend, or even with Mother Earth herself – the one who sees, understands and embraces you as you are. I believe that to admit that we are hurting, broken, and confused is the first and the hardest step to make. I felt safe to accept that about myself during the process of reading, which is how the healing began.

When you are in any cold, dark, not-so-glamourous places, holding and reading this book feels like being warmly embraced by a compassionate world. You realize you are not alone, because we are all in it together. We are all in the same boat, healing ourselves and each other.

Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer brings to you so many tools, instrument and recipes, but also a universal blueprint for healing, growth, and the pursuit of one’s destiny.

The book grows with you, each time you read it. It has so many layers to it, mirroring human life. It is not really a normal book – it feels more like a magical book from fairytales. Like an ever-changing, wise, and compassionate companion which I can go back to anytime I need, and for whom I will be forever grateful.


“I love Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer. This is such a powerful book; as I read it I can literally feel the healing energy coming from it. I’ve just now completed the whole book for the third time, and even though I only read it a couple of weeks ago, I was again in tears. The honesty and palpable love flowing from the book deeply touched my heart. I can’t wait for people to get it into their hands. More than ever, the world needs the deep inner healing this book offers.”

~Cornelia Merk, co-author of Revolutionize Your Health: How to Take Back Your Body’s Power to Heal (from Bahamas/Germany)


Osteopathic Bodyworker, Homeopath, columnist and educator from Pennsylvania, USA

I love Dr. Naram from my first meeting him more than 10 years ago. I wish I knew how I got involved in this experience. It was like a tornado sucked me into it. 

Manifesting Mystical Miracles 
The Manifesting Mystical Miracles experience, came as I made a decision to temporarily close my practice, leave a dear, dying peer and his exhausted beloved to quarantine on my farm with my two feverish grandchildren. I had survived a three year career transition, my second Saturn return and just announced to my peers that I had created the best job in the world and had my first normal financial quarter in three years. One red eye and my world was chicken soup, homeopathic remedies and the Mystical Miracle Calls on Sunday morning. 

The first two weeks, we were alone except for the Zoom calls and quite gracefully, my resistance to online communication dissipated. Dr. Clint’s’ comforting smile, stories about Dr. Naram, the many different accents, and the topic of miracles wooed me into looking forward to the next call. The very first call triggered me and I felt like I hit a wall. Because I trusted Dr. Naram so much and my commitment to stay the course, I decided it was time to take a sledge hammer to an issue within me. A participant mentioned that a miracle they would like, would be a soulmate. My mind took a downward spiral. My initial dialogue was “why would anyone waste their wishes on soulmates?” There was however a tenderness in the request that got my attention. They really meant it from the heart. The participants request landed in a different place in my psyche and I found myself asking “why have you stopped even considering this as a desire?” 

I realized I had become someone I would not even want to date. Preoccupied with my career change, farm, daughter and grandchildren, I had a unibrow, could not even remember the last time I shaved my legs and had major attitude about relationship. Over the next 8 weeks gradually, I became a person I would like to date myself. I became less afraid of where my career path and my children’s choices would take me. Excitement and anticipation replaced fear. I started popping out of bed earlier, singing in the shower and playing music while I cleaning out closets and clutter. I was searching high and low for miracles to share and was lucky at first if I could find more than the miracle of breathing. I began to get in touch with my sarcasm and cynicism. I began to look up to the night stars, look down to spot 4 leaf clovers and started welcoming the unexpected instead of treating it like a potential PTSD trigger. I began to look forward to the calls to hear yet another story of miracles, always brought to tears by the magic and the loved. 

Dr. Naram has become more alive to me and more continuously in my thoughts, like a saint watching over me. I also feel like I have improved my mindfulness and attitude, thinking he is around me and watching. I would like him to be proud of his teachings in action. I have enjoyed seeing Dr. Naram in the reflection of the ones who love him so. I imagine conversation with him when I am having challenges with Athiti Devo Bhawa. What would Dr. Naram do? I am knowing what I want and asking what do others want and really trying to understand all points of view. It is paying off. All of my relationships are changing. I am getting in shape again and pains are leaving my body. I am happier, smiling more and less cynical.

The whole soulmate thing, I am not sure where that will lead however I am open rather than mission impossible, unattached to outcome and no longer triggered by someones desire for that as a miracle any more. I feel more whole and complete. I have had miracles abound and they definitely increase as I practice the ancient secrets. Imagine, I am transformed in this way and positively affecting those around me and our group is over 1500 deep now affecting those around all of us. Imagine the magnitude and impact of this book touching many more. It may quite possibly, lovingly change the reference point of Love and Understanding for the entire world. I am Grateful. I am in a way better place than I was before this experience began despite the shadows of the present world affairs. I will never hear enough of I LOVE YOU and I AM WITH YOU! My grandchildren are saying that to their parents and to me now all on their own after hearing it on our calls. I am in awe of the dedication of Dr. Clint Rogers for creating this book and equally for the Mystical Miracle experiences for me personally and for the planet.

I am so loving all aspects of my experience of anything having to do with Dr. Naram led by Dr. Rogers!!


Intuitive Life Coach/Angel Consultant & Reiki Master Teacher from London, England

I was divinely guided one morning to look up ancient secret healing, as I wanted to do research around this topic in the hopes of finding more resources for my own practice.  The page of Dr Naram and Dr Clint Rogers came up on my screen including information about the book:  Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, and the invite to join the ‘Global Healing Miracle Experiment’, which was already two weeks in, but nevertheless joined. 

This book is full of powerful and profound time-tested principals from the ancient texts containing healing techniques and instructions for deeper healing, which is now shared with the reader and for anyone who is guided to implement these principals in their life.  I have applied some of the ancient secrets and concepts in my own life and have found them to be remarkable for my own spiritual growth and deeper healing.  Particularly, being able to understand in the truest form the god/goddess within each of us, absolute clarity on what I want and watching it grow like a lotus flower, one petal at a time revealing the goddess within me.    

I have also been able to use some of these remarkable techniques with my clients, (especially on how to help one find out what they want to be/do).     I already have a group forming, who are keen to join me in going through the book, which will commence in June 2020.  This book will certainly be one that will be referred to and shared in many years to come.   

Anyone who reads this book will not be disappointed, especially if you implement the ancient secrets in your life.  These are tools, techniques and methods for deeper healing that will bring you peace of mind, unlimited energy, and vibrant health.  These healing secrets also helps in discovering what you want, achieve what you want and then enjoy what you have achieved.   What more can one ask for?


I am from Geneva,Switzerland but have lived my entire adult life in the USA between Los Angeles and currently Miami.

I discovered Dr. Naram’s video early 2019 and flew to Munich in March to meet him. I had an amazing session with him followed by an evening during which he taught us about marmas. Then he performed a marma on every each one of us. It was very strange. He measured our legs which mine were off by a few cm. It was quite shocking to realize the difference in length between the right leg and the left one. Then he pressured my back, and a huge sound came out of my mouth but also it felt like I got rid of a hurtful load within my body. Seconds later the legs measured the same length. Incredible. I returned to the USA practicing the marmas, swallowing his pills (herbs) and drinking the home remedies. Within a week the pain I had for 18 months in my hands, fingers, wrists and feet were gone. Never came back.

Simultaneously my life changed on the outside. It was a transformation of the body and also of life and lifestyle. I returned to Munich last October for a second visit with Dr. Naram. Still amazing. This time we met Dr. Clint who spent a long time with us discussing food and some of his journey. I am not on any social media, however I joined Facebook for the sole purpose to participate in a group of women I was dealing with. And a few short weeks later I learnt through Facebook the passing of Dr. Naram. I felt such profound sadness. I even cried which is a normal reaction for most people but not me. I never cry not even when my love ones die. It was another miracle. Dr. Naram opened up a Chanel of emotions that were very much blocked. I started wearing a gold necklace with a lotus that my friend Daniela (who came with me to both Dr. Naram’s consultations) gave me.

A little while later I learnt while listening to one of Dr. Clint’s live videos that Pankaj means lotus. The connection is eternal. I was afraid to lose our ongoing work with his death but with Dr. Clint’s fabulous book the help and the teachings remain. We are not left alone. The benefits are healing naturally. Nourishing our bodies to live in a happy healthy body and beyond that it manifest to all areas of our lives the changes were not only physical.


Entrepreneur from Berlin and Bali

My healing sessions with Clint and Dr. Naram have been successful and supported my changes in life very positively … I was curious to understand the ‘Ancient Secrets’ and the practices of Clint, Krushna and Dr. Naram

My healing: Grounding of high energy states and acceleration of profound life changes. Amazing!!! …and marma healing of long term lower back pain due to snowboard accident.

This book has taught me to expect the impossible and you are spot on when you enter this world of ‘Ancient Secrets’


Student mentor, Campbell, CA. USA

I followed Dr. Naram on social media. I have been following simple secrets of pressing index finger and seeing small and big miracles in my life.


From Abuja, Nigeria

The book has made me realize the power to achieve any goal  is within everyone. This book will give hope to anyone who has lost hope in any situation.


Artist, writer, project manager, and graphic designer from Bilthoven, The Netherlands 

I was guided to the book and it has impacted me so far with a lot of work and connection throughout the world with people who have the same purpose and working together to translate the book into > 30 languages. It has so many healing benefits!


Biological technical assistant in Germany 

My name is Sara luxmi Nair.  I live in Germany but am Indian of origin and was born in Kenya.  I was made aware of Dr. Naram from my sister who had been diagnosed with cancer.  We were several times in India for her treatment.  I asked to see Dr. Naram but all in vain.  I believe and would really want to learn to use alternative methods and medicine. My hobby is alternative medicine and healing methods and I am a biological technical assistant.  I work for a pharma company and see how so much is spent on medication and it has become a business and has nothing to do with healing and compassion. I was trying so much to heal my sister three years long I tried but the side effects of chemotherapy are horrible.  I wish there was a way to combine both methods. I have diabetes and  I want to get off these chemical medications.  It’s a pity that Dr. Naram passed away so early.  Although I know he has trained a lot of people.  I would really love to learn these methods.  I do lots of healing and have helped quite a number of people and animals.


Retired, from New York USA

I met Dr. Naram for the first time in 2007 summer. I experienced a miracle during my first visit. He was treating patients not far from my home. So, I went to see him. As I sat down in front of him and was about to tell him my problem, he asked me not to say anything. Instead, he started telling me my medical problems accurately as he read my pulse! I was totally astonished! 

As I was leaving his office I remembered that 3 days later I was scheduled for a dental surgery. So, I couldn’t help but ask him if he could do something about my dental problem. In his inimitable style, he said, “I’m not God, but I will try to help you.” And suggested one herbal for my tooth problem that I was expected to start taking that evening. So, Dr. Marianjii helped me to get that medication right away. I came home and started taking that herbal medication as directed. Miraculously, the very next day when I woke up, I found all the pain and discomfort had disappeared! Happily, I canceled my surgery much to the annoyance of my dental surgeon! 

Ever since that visit, I became a loyal patient of Dr. Naram until he recently left us all…
Thus, my interest in this book.


Master Trophy Assembler, Homeschooling Mum, Yoga lover, Self teaching metalsmithing and spirituality from Melbourne, Australia

It was this year that I wanted to be a healer and wanted to learn Reiki. I youtubed energy healing and for some reason the first vid I found was Dr Clint’s Ted Ed talk. I was obsessed and wanted to learn this secret ancient science of healing!

The book has really helped me dig deeper within myself. It has made me realise my core desire. The mama points in clearing the subconscious helps me everyday.

I think this book will help all people with whatever situation they are facing – health, mental, emotional and physical. 


Have you read the book yet? Share your miracles of love with us. Please tell us

  •  what led you to the book?
  • how has the book impacted your life so far? (what miracles/benefits in your heart, mind, body, life?
  • what benefits you feel can come to those who read it?

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