You can be instrumental in changing lives. THANK YOU for your willingness to love deeply and help spread the healing message of life contained in the pages of the book Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer!

There are many in orphanages, hospitals, schools, libraries and prisons who will benefit from your generous sponsorship. Dr. Naram spent his life serving children and those in need all over the world. Now through your contribution to this sponsorship program, you can join in spreading the love and healing all over the planet to those who need it most.

Thank you for your vision and dedication to love and wisdom and ensuring both are passed on to those in need!

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Your sponsorship donation here goes to a 501(c)3 Foundation (Ancient Secrets Foundation), which means that in the US you can receive tax benefits from your donation too. 

When you make your donation, the foundation will distribute the books you purchased to the orphanages, prisons, libraries, schools, and health care facilities around the world – and you will receive the blessings in abundance.

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