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Greetings Dear One!

Welcome to Your member community. Welcome home. 

This is a safe place for healing, love, guidance, and discovery.

At the links above, you’ll see where to access our private Discussion Board, Bonus Chapter Videos, online version of Your Journal Notes, and more! We will frequently add new videos and features, so check back often. As a part of this community, you also can request access to our private facebook group: 

This community is made up of amazing people from around the world. Be kind when responding to someone’s posts or making posts of your own.

Do you have questions or want to submit your own question/comment? Then check out our FAQ page which also has a form for you to submit your own questions/comments directly to Dr. Clint and team!

(NOTE: This site was built by volunteers with love, so if you have any ideas of what you could contribute to make it an even better experience, please let us know.)


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